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Company Notice:
Good news:
from 2013-09-01 to 2013-11-01, if the order is 1000 euro, you will get another 25 euro discounts~~~~

Attention please, Now we use EMS,DHL,FEDEX,CSS for italy and spain buyers! Please select the delivery way when you order.

We do not use picasaweb now because we can not open picasaweb often. Now we are using skydrives,basically each day we upload many many new products on skydives,if you can not open the skydives, please upgrade your browser. If you are using "Internet Explorer", please upgrade it to "Internet Explorer 8.0" or "Internet Explorer 9.0"... then the skydrives can be opened.... if you can not open the skydrives yet, please contact me.

New Products Notice(you can ask me for the new products directly, i can send the new products photos to you with email soon!):
29,We will upload many new caps in two days !!(2013-10-29)
28,We have uploaded many new pants!!(2013-10-29)
27,We have uploaded many new scarves !!(2013-10-24)
26,We have uploaded many new bags and wallets!!(2013-10-24)
25,We have uploaded many new Hermes bags and wallets,Chanel bags and wallets and LV bags and wallets !(2013-10-23)
24,All accessories are updated on skydrive, there are many many new accessories!!(2013-10-19)
23,All Adidas man shoes and all Adidas woman shoes are updated on website !!(2013-10-11)
22,All UGG shoes are updated on the skydrive !!(2013-10-10)
21,All watches are updated on the skydrive!!(2013-10-09)
20,We have added many new POLO jackets,sweaters,t-shirts,pants and shirts on the skydrive!!(2013-10-06)
19,We have added many new man shoes on the skydrive and woman shoes on other skydrive!(2013-10-05)
18, All brands jackets and sweaters are updated! There are many many 2013 new style!!!(2013-09-28)
17, All Moncler jackets,sweaters and t-shirts are updated! There are many many 2013 new style!!!(2013-09-09)
16, We are uploading 2013 the newest A&F products on this link: http://2012topshop.v.yupoo.com/ (2013-00-00)
15,We have added many new scarves on the skydrive!!(2013-08-20)
14,All straps are updated! There are many brands new style original quality straps!!(2013-08-19)
13,We have updated many new Givenchy clothes, new bags and wallets (2013-08-15)
12,We have uploaded many nike blazer shoes (2013-05-21)
11.All skirts are updated on skydrive! (2013-04-22)
10.All pants are updated, there are many hot and top quality pants ! (2013-04-16)
9.All A&F products are updated on our skydrive ! (2013-04-15)
8.All woman shoes are updated on our website! (2013-04-11)
7.All bags are updated on our website! (2013-04-04)
6.All glasses are updated on our website, they are all top quality! (2013-04-02)
5.We have updated all man shoes on our website, not on the skydrive!!! (2013-03-31)
4.We have uploaded many many new nike shoes,new,jordan shoes on the skydrive!!! (2013-03-29)
3.We have updated all t-shirts, there are many brand high quality t-shirts and shirts now!High quality burberry shirts are sold very well(2013-03-11)

2.We have updated LV Monogram Canvas, Damier Canvas bags and wallets on our website.(2013-03-11)
1.We have updated new dsquared pants, new A&F T-shirts, and new timberland shoes.(2013-02-27)

If you are hurry to see new products,please tell me,we can send the new products photos to you with email soon!

Company rule(Please read before you order):
A.We are just serious sellers.We can do our best to deal with all orders what we can do.We can supply good price for each order.High quality products for you,low profits for us!We just expect more bigger orders from each customer.

B.Attention please,after the packages are left from china,we can not control them,so generally we can not do anything in case the packages has any customs problem. Please understand!But do not worry!The bad case happen very few!
Of course,if this bad case happen (it can be tracked on the web) and if you are one of our best buyers who make the orders often and if you can not get the package in two months.Maybe we can consinder to add some products in the next orders for you or we can consider other way to try to save some of the lost(but we just do it for some of best buyers!).

C.Please be sure home to take the packages in time.In case the package is sent back,there will be many troubles.First,we are not sure we can get the package or full products.Second,it will need much delivery shipping fee to send the package again, and it will need many time!

D.For each package, generally we can take the photos when we deal with your order and we can send the delivery information to you with email. Please be sure to check all exactly when you get the package according the photos.If you find any product is lost in the package(this case happen very few),please do not sign and take the package.firstly you should ask the delivery company to check the package according the description and weight on the delivery list and you can ask them how to do.But for us,after we send the package, we can not control this case,it is difficult to prove the lost for you,so we will do nothing if this bad case happen. of course,we are 100% sure we can send all products to you because we can take all photos for you. we only expect more bigger orders from you.

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